Sing and Dance Productions LLC


Changing the world one frame at a time.


  1. Movies
    Sing and Dance Productions LLC is a full service production company with head quarters in Los Angeles CA.
  2. Dance Recitals/Competitions
    Dance Recitals/Competitions
    We are a state of the art production house for all of your dance needs.
  3. Audio.
    From basic edits, to full blown audio recording. We have you covered.
  4. In house video editing.
    In house video editing.
    Professionally edited in Hollywood CA. Or remotely on location with our state of the art equipment.


  1. Excellent quality
    We use some of the best equipment out there for your projects. Our cameras and lense combination is so high quality it's beyond what the human eye can see.
  2. Available Worldwide
    We can work from here in Hollywood CA. Or we can come to you wherever you are.
  3. Excellent service
    Our employees do this work for a living everyday. We have worked with TNT, CBS, NBC, among other industry leaders.